Irrigation Installation Part

Parts and Low Pressure Valves

PE hose connectors

Polyethylene connectors are designed to quickly and securely join PN4 and PN6 polyethylene hoses

PE Connectors and Valves and Drip Tapes

These connectors are exclusively for use with drip tapes and are made of highly resistant plastic materials.

Air Valves (Suction Cups)

They are valves that serve to let air in or out of the irrigation system, including that they prevent the air from leaving the system when it is at low pressure.

High Pressure Valves and Parts

High Pressure Connectors

They are manufactured with the latest generation PN16 thermoplastic materials and are distinguished by their high mechanical resistance and perfect hydraulic capacity.We have from 20mm to 110mm diameter.

Ball Valves

They are bidirectional valves that ensure perfect hydraulic sealing, together with excellent mechanical resistance.

PE Necklaces

They are designed in order to guarantee a perfect hydraulic tightness thanks to their gasket, located in the bypass seat.

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