Micro sprinklers

Always ready for you

Full Micro Sprinklers

Radio of 2.5m & download of 90 a 120 Lts/h.

Red Adjustable Dropper

Flow of 0-70 Lts/h.

Green Adjustable Dropper

Flow of 0-140 Lts/h.

Normal Dropper

Flow of 2, 4 y 8 Lts/h.

Self-Compensating Dropper

The iDrop® line is made up of self-compensating and turbulent flow drippers with flow rates of 2.2 and 7.8 Lts/h.

Mini Sprinklers

3 color mini sprinklers with different irrigation degrees: Blue 90 degrees, Green 180 degrees and Red 360 degrees.

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