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Irriforce Mini

Irriforce is an irrigation machine that is designed to offer Energy Efficiency.Both the use and the investment cost is much lower than its competitors.We can say that Irriforce is a self-propelled irrigation gun.Thanks to the water turbine and the steel rope, the machine carries out the irrigation in a self-propelled way.

Caracteristicas De La Manguera LayFlat

  • Requires the output of a minimum of 6.5m3 / hour of water with 4 bars.
  • Works with a maximum of 15m3/hour of water
  • It has an Atom28 model irrigation gun.
  • Maximum travel distance is 140 meters.
  • When the sprinkler gun makes a full turn, the maximum sprinkling distance is 170m

Irrigation Diagram

    Maximum Irrigation Width:

    140 meter - 459 feet

    Water Consumption Range:

    6,5m3/h – 19m3/h


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